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Diamond Necklace Trends: From Past to Present

Tuesday , 20, October 2020 Comments Off on Diamond Necklace Trends: From Past to Present

Whether reasonably small or clumsily oversized, pear-shaped or princess cut diamonds have a timeless charm. Diamonds, like any other accessory, are somewhat sensitive to fashion styles.  There are numerous jewelry items(rings, pendant, earring, bracelets, necklace, etc) in which diamonds are used.

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Getting acquainted with the many fascinating eras of diamond necklace trends is more than sensible involving vintage-inspired. Here are the necessary time periods, of which keen buyers should be aware.


From 1700 to 1840, Georgian fashion jewelry was the preferred form. Each piece has been handmade and so unique, making anything of the era especially valuable. Miniature bracelets with classical motifs, like laurel, wreaths, and replicating patterns and small portraits, were commonly worn. Georgian jewelry frequently features rose diamonds, garlands, and topaz, and are highly desired.


One of the more recognizable eras, the Victorians, which spanned approximately 1900 before 1840 — during the reign of Queen Victoria — contains brightly styled pieces, including diamond pendants, which are eye-catching and elaborate.  The vintage Victorian pieces are highly romantic, with colorful, and shiny gems.


One of the wonderful eras for diamonds, the Edwardian period, which extended into the late 1920s into the 1890s, was extraordinary as the Victorian era, but designers initially created colorless diamonds with prized and semi-precious stones, and most opted to highlight important diamonds.