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Different Levels of Hosted Call Centers

Tuesday , 28, June 2022 Comments Off on Different Levels of Hosted Call Centers

Hosted call centers are a great way to reduce the cost of customer service while still providing the same quality of service. Here's a look at the different levels of hosted call centers: 

1. Advanced Hosted Call Center (AHCC): This level of hosting is perfect for companies that need high-quality customer service but don't have the resources to provide it themselves. AHCCs offer features such as live chat, automated recordings, and 24/7 support. You can easily get information about Amazon Connect Omnichannel at Pentwater Connect.

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2. Flexible Hosted Call Center (FHC): FHCs are similar to AHCCs, but they're more customizable. This means that you can choose which features you want to include and how you want them to work.

3. Hosted Call Center as a Service (HCS): Haus is the most versatile option and allows you to use any number of third-party services to augment your customer service experience. This includes things like voice recognition, chatbots, and social media integration.

4. Fully Managed Hosted Call Center (FMHCC): FMHCCs are the most expensive option but offer the highest level of customer serviceability.

The benefits of hosting a call center include: 

  • Reduced costs. A hosted call center eliminates the need for costly real estate, office equipment, and staffing.

  • Increased productivity. With no need for telephone lines or operators, hosted call centers can be more productive than traditional call centers. 

  • Greater flexibility. Hosted call centers can be adapted to meet the needs of various businesses, making them ideal for services that change frequently, such as sales or support.

  • Increased customer satisfaction. Customers who receive excellent customer service from a hosted call center are likely to be more satisfied with the overall experience than those who receive poor service from a traditional call center.