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Different Types Of Exterior Window Shutters

Friday , 2, April 2021 Comments Off on Different Types Of Exterior Window Shutters

Today, many homes install external shutters, whether they are just decorative or completely functional. People love the look of the house, so it's usually a point of sale in addition. 

There are different types of curtains to consider for your home, depending on your taste. You can also buy the best window shutters in Melbourne for your home.

Colonial shutters are a type of outdoor curtain that is functional and decorative. They can help protect against storms if they are classified as hurricanes. 

These shutters are usually available in a panel with four blinds that can be opened or closed in varying degrees depending on the amount of light and privacy you desire. 

You can use these two tiers of shutters on taller windows or just one layer below for cafe shutter style.

Another type of exterior shutter you might consider is Bahamian roller shutters. They work too, but unlike many shutters, they are hung over the top rather than on the side so they are open away from the house. 

Shutters that cover a number of windows can also be used as a canopy to provide shade. Most Bahamian shutters open at a 45-degree angle. It is usually made of aluminum and can also protect against storms when closed.

These window shutters are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for all types of windows.