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Does Your Company Need Employee Self-Service?

Tuesday , 29, March 2022 Comments Off on Does Your Company Need Employee Self-Service?

Employee self-service (ESS) portals have grown in popularity in recent years. In short, this application is an internet-based product that allows employees to view and/or edit information related to their employees' HRIS files. Employees may be able to update their emergency and personal contact information or even change their address if necessary. 

A number of self-service applications also include open registration for benefits. Employees often like this arrangement because they are in charge of their own data, and HR professionals love it because it reduces their workload.

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Another advantage of ESS is often not mentioned in the management's self-service. In many of these systems, managers and supervisors can view data for direct and indirect reports. Instead of having to connect to HR, they can simply search online for the employee information they need. The benefits of an ESS program can be enormous – but not for all types of organizations.

Understandably, office workers have a higher proportion of employees who have internet access at home than workers' organizations (although this is not always the case). Before investing in an online self-service product for HRIS employees, find out what percentage of your employees can access the product from home. 

The overall benefits of such a system to your employees is definitely an important consideration.