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Don’t Forget The Accessories When Buying An Outdoor Water Fountain

Wednesday , 21, April 2021 Comments Off on Don’t Forget The Accessories When Buying An Outdoor Water Fountain

Outdoor fountains are fun and add a little humor and magic to any patio, courtyard, or garden. But few people realize that there are many accessories that every good owner would need. Mandatory accessories include outdoor fountain covers and water treatments. Both are equally important for keeping your fountain clean and functioning properly.

You've purchased a great fountain via, so it makes sense to invest in exterior cladding to make the fountain look its best. If you live in a cooler climate, protection is a must during winter. Otherwise, your fountain could crack, crumble, darken, or get dirty, leaving behind all your memories of the once beautiful outdoor decor. Outdoor fountains are so durable that you don't have to cover them up every night. However, it's best to use a blanket during a strong storm that you know beforehand so as not to leave any residue from the well.

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Cleaning and scrubbing is part of having an outdoor fountain. You have to clean the trash every day – killing stems, leaves, insects, and more every night. Not only does a fountain look better if it's clean, but particles can clog pumps and pipes, which can cause the entire fountain to burst. Using distilled water will reduce hard water buildup and white spots. 

However, you may need to clean the fountain once a month which is recommended. Regular fountain cleaning will also reduce algae build-up. The algae change the color of the fountain pool during construction, polluting the water and giving off an unpleasant odor. Dilute solutions are available to keep the water clean and free of algae. Products like CLR and stainless steel lacquer can make your fountain look newer than a fountain you don't care about often.