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Easy Ways to Get Chewing Gum Out Of The Carpet

Friday , 11, June 2021 Comments Off on Easy Ways to Get Chewing Gum Out Of The Carpet

If you’ve got kids then you’ve probably found chewed gum in a variety of places as well as your carpets. Removing chewing gum from the carpet is one of those tasks that gets harder the longer you leave it for the fact that the gum dries and hardens.

chewing gum out of carpet

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However, we’ve put together a variety of methods to help you but please remember that if the gum is left on the carpet and gets trodden on, then the further it sinks into the fibres, making it even more difficult to remove.

So as soon as you see gum stop and remove it. Before pulling away at the gum and damaging the fibres of your carpet, take the time to read through the techniques below. If one method doesn’t work for your particular situation then try another. If all else fails then you might just need to call out the professionals.

  1. Using solvents

If this sounds like too much hassle for you, then why not try removing the gum with solvents. Most supermarkets will sell some form of gum remover. Make sure the solvent is safe to use on a carpet and then apply a small amount, brushing it in gently with a small nailbrush.

As the solvent starts to break down the gum, start to blot it with a clean cloth but be careful not to damage the carpet fibres beneath the gum. Work repeating this process until the gum is removed and then flush the area with clean water to remove any residues.

  1. Freeze the gum out of your carpet

It is the easiest method to remove chewing gum from a carpet.

  • First, fill a bag with ice and place this over the gum, leaving for around 30 minutes.
  • Once the gum has frozen and feels really hard to the touch then try to remove it either using your fingertips or a butter knife.
  • Be very careful as you don’t want to damage your carpet fibres.
  • If they start to come up with the gum then hold them down below the gum as you pull at the gum from above.

This works best by pulling the gum into chunks and working on a piece at a time. Once you’ve removed all the gum you’re likely to be left with some sticky residue which can be removed by gently blotting with a small amount of liquid soap on a cloth. Once you’ve removed this then just clean off the soap with water with a clean white cloth.

  1. Heat the gum out of your carpet
  • First of all, cover the gum with a clean cloth or paper bag and then use your hair dryer to heat the area and soften the gum.
  • As the gum loosens it should stick to the cloth or the bag, but please do be careful not to overheat the area and risk melting the carpet fibres.
  • Watch it closely and there shouldn’t be a problem. Once the gum is soft start lifting up the cloth or paper bag which should bring some of the gum with it.
  • Continue blotting the warm gum so that it lifts more and more of the gum away from the carpet. Gently pick at any remaining gum removing as much as you can without damaging the carpet fibres.
  • You’ll be left with a sticky residue that can be broken down with diluted liquid soap and a clean white cloth.
  • Do not scrub your carpet as this will damage the fibres.

Often a combination of freezing and heating works the best. Start off by freezing and break away as much gum as possible.

After that follow the heating process as described above. You can repeat these processes as many times as you like continuing to remove the gum without causing damage to your carpet