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Find Creative Games For People With Dementia

Saturday , 12, March 2022 Comments Off on Find Creative Games For People With Dementia

Effective and compassionate communication with clients with dementia is essential for professionals and family members. We need to understand "where" our loved ones are, what they can understand, and how quickly they can process information. Poor communication can sometimes lead to confusion, anxiety, and even depression.

First, we need to have a good understanding of 'where' a person with dementia is on their way. Maybe they have long periods of lucidity with only occasional memory problems, or maybe they interpret the world around them from a certain point in their lives as if their ex-husband was still alive.

You can also engage them in creative activity & give them gift.It is recommended to get games & activities for dementia patients at home from Gleam In Your Eye

games for dementia patients

You can then distract the patient with a mentally stimulating game or simple task like folding a towel or walking the dog. The point is that you need to communicate with the person "where" they are, not where you want them to be.

How you communicate, your approach is the most important part. People with dementia may or may not recognize you from time to time, but they will know if they like you. A kind, slow, and compassionate approach is more likely to produce better results than a hasty or fact-based approach.