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Floor Cleaning Wipes: A Great New Cleaning Innovation

Saturday , 7, August 2021 Comments Off on Floor Cleaning Wipes: A Great New Cleaning Innovation

Floor cleaning wipes are a new cleaning product with great advantages over older methods. They are versatile, convenient, economical and hygienic. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, floor wipes are far superior.

using floor wipes to clean a wooden floor

Cleaning with floor wipes. Image by nathalie.cone


Floor cleaning wipes are versatile because they can be used to clean floors as well as other surfaces. Additionally, they can be attached to a mop, broom, or used by hand. If this was not adaptable enough, it can be used to clean whole floors or spot cleaned. Traditional methods of cleaning are often tedious, with having to first sweep or vacuum floors, followed by making up buckets of water and mopping floors. 


Floor cleaning wipes are more convenient than older methods. This is because a wipe can be removed from packaging and secured around a broom or other form of floor cleaning apparatus. For spot cleans they can be used by hand and then either washed or discarded. 


Traditional methods of cleaning floors are bad for the environment, with chemicals being poured down drains and ending up in waterways. Floor cleaning wipes can sometimes be cleaned and reused, meaning it is better for the environment. Additionally, some types of wipes are made of eco-friendly products and are biodegradable. 


Lastly, floor cleaning wipes are more hygienic. Poorly cleaned, rinsed and dried mops often retain dirt and bacteria which grows between cleans. Floor cleaning wipes are either washed in a machine or discarded, meaning the floor is always cleaned with a fresh and clean wipe. 

Floor cleaning wipes are a great cleaning product compared to older methods. They are versatile, convenient, economical and more hygienic than other older methods of cleaning floors.