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General Frequently Asked Question Regarding Mrijuana

Thursday , 11, March 2021 Comments Off on General Frequently Asked Question Regarding Mrijuana

Marijuana is something that sounds bad. But it is medical proof that it cures many diseases. That is why it is legal to buy marijuana in many countries. If you are also looking for marijuana then you can simply search the browser by writing 'medical marijuana near me’ and you will get the desired results.

There are some FAQs that we answered in this article:

Do I lose my license if I refuse a blood test?

Maybe. As with the DUI, if you refuse a blood test, you can lose your license for a year. However, unlike drunk driving, there are no administrative penalties on your files. This is important because marijuana use continues to be banned at the federal level. Remember, however, that you can politely refuse to take standard awareness tests on the spot (walking in a straight line, reading the alphabet backwards, etc.) at any time without incurring a penalty.

Why should I refuse to take the standard field awareness test?

In short, there are specific tests to assess drug poisoning, and not every police officer is trained to do so. Law enforcement officers who are not trained in marijuana recognition will definitely not help your case because they do not have the resources to accurately assess your composure.

Wait, will I be caught if I have traces of marijuana on my body?

No, the presence of marijuana in your blood is not reason enough to hold you back. Additionally, having 5 nanograms or more of marijuana in your system is not enough to automatically penalize you for DUID. Conversely, if you have a BAC of 0.08 percent or more, you are automatically charged for drunk driving.

Everyone says marijuana is safer than alcohol; What is the danger of driving with stones?

Studies show that marijuana use affects spatial awareness, meaning drug drivers have slower reaction times and tend to drift away from other vehicles more frequently or more frequently. Think of the classic stoner movie scene where the guys are totally blown away by the size of their hands.