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Hiring the Roofing Company in Indiana

Friday , 1, July 2022 Comments Off on Hiring the Roofing Company in Indiana

To ensure your money is well spent, hiring a quality commercial roofing contractor is essential. Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor, ask them for a copy of their General Liability Insurance Policy.

This will ensure that you and your premises are under protection in case any accident occurs during the job. Also, request a certificate of the Workers Compensation Insurance policy to safeguard your assets and yourself in case any of their workers gets injured during the job.

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Be Cautious

You have to be very careful before entering into an agreement with a roofing contractor. Ensure that their business is listed in local business directories. Moreover, do not enter into a contract with contractors who only accept cash, demand an advance of over 50% of the cost, offer a discount on hiring them immediately, or pressurize you to sign the agreement.

Sign the Contract

Review the details of the contract very carefully and see whether everything included in the project has been listed in the agreement. From the dates of starting and completion to the cost, materials, and labor involved; everything should be covered in the contract in detail. Keeping all these tips in mind will help you hire a good roofing contractor to get your job done.