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How I Got a Boyfriend With a Dog Sweatshirt

Saturday , 3, April 2021 Comments Off on How I Got a Boyfriend With a Dog Sweatshirt

There is this guy in school whom I can’t seem to stop thinking about. I never got to get his attention since he was a senior and I was a junior in high school so we do not go to the same classes. But guess what made me get his attention – a dog sweatshirt.

It all started when my Dad went to Alaska for a seminar on animals of the wild. My Dad is a veterinarian – although most people did not have animals as pets, he was very interested in the seminar since we lived in Forks, Washington – an area that has rich forests and lots of animals roaming around and there were some cases where he would be asked to treat a god,  a wolf or a bear.

When he got back he brought me this cool looking dog sweatshirt. It was black and the print at the back showed a white dog. I instantly liked it – not because I liked dogs but because it was pretty and cool to look at. So I wore that shirt in school the next day.

The guy I was eying had his locker across mine so I get to see him mostly every morning and after class. That morning I was surprised when he said “Cool sweatshirt” when I had my back turned to him because I was storing in my books. I was so shocked I was not able to react right away. He then approached me and asked me where I got my dog lover sweatshirt. You can also look for various other reputed websites for more information.