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How To Buy Quality Canvas Art Prints

Monday , 8, November 2021 Comments Off on How To Buy Quality Canvas Art Prints

Most canvas art is printed in inkjet using either Dye or UV inks. The smaller printers that can print onto canvas use dye inks. They are typically used because they are less expensive and have a tendency to fade quickly. You can also find framed canvas art by visiting this link.

While it is not recommended that a canvas print be exposed to direct sunlight, UV inks have light stabilizers which can help keep them looking fresh for up to 200 years in the right conditions.

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Find out what steps are taken by the supplier to ensure that their equipment is calibrated. This will ensure that the canvas' color matches the preview image. Color management is a complicated and ongoing process that requires skill, judgment, experimentation, and technology such as a Spectrophotometer.


Gallery wrapping is the process of framing a canvas print. It requires skill, dexterity, and experience to achieve a high-quality finish. The print is stretched tightly around the sides of a box frame.

High-quality stretcher frames are precisely cut with a sloped profile to minimize contact with the canvas' front. This prevents impression marks. They should be adjustable and have tensioning wedges at each corner. These enable occasional tightening.

Make sure to verify that the measurements are correct for the final size of the item. The dimensions of a framed piece are always smaller than those of the full-sized, unframed canvas. A good supplier will clearly state both sets.


Your print could be damaged if you don't take enough care or have the foresight to pack it properly. It can be difficult to replace your print. Make sure you check the shipping methods used by your supplier. Perfect is a generous bubble wrap wrapping inside a specially-ma