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How to Creating RFP Proposals That Shine Your Best Light

Wednesday , 19, May 2021 Comments Off on How to Creating RFP Proposals That Shine Your Best Light

Companies have used RFPs for years when looking for professional service. An RFQ or RFP is a written request for a specific service or type of person required to take on a specific role in an organization. It usually provides a breakdown of the skills and experience required for the job and the scope of work to be done. You may consider  rfp proposal writing instruction for winning proposals.

Posting RFPs online has become widespread and can be a great resource for virtual assistants looking for new clients or projects. Speakers, coaches, sole proprietorships and small businesses are increasingly using this method when seeking help, and virtual assistants are ideal for this type of client. 


First and foremost, be yourself. Be professional. When you explain why you are the right person for the position, explain it in a way that also shows your dedication and passion for what you do. Let them see that in addition to skills and expertise, you also demonstrate loyalty, commitment and personality.

Discuss your knowledge and skills and how they combine with the required services. And if you have additional skills or experience that are not mentioned in the RFP but you think they might find useful, please mention this. It could be that it's just a skill they can use and they don't want to ask.

Make sure you provide all the necessary information on the RFP. Keep it short but deep; assuming the recipient reads dozens of replies. You want your proposal to stand out from the crowd, but not because it is 10 pages long. Make sure you reach all the important points according to your needs.