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How to Find A Sealcoating Contractor in Charlotte

Wednesday , 25, August 2021 Comments Off on How to Find A Sealcoating Contractor in Charlotte

Finding a sealant manufacturer that does a good job is important these days. There are so many people in this service business these days that it is best to learn all about sealing to find the most qualified one. Your asphalt is a very significant investment for your home or business. You can also discover the best services for pavement sealing in Charlotte from the web. 

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You need to know:


1. Know the type of sealing application your contractor will use.

These are the two main uses for asphalt sealant applications. The first is to use a squeegee and apply the entire surface by hand. This is also how homeowners apply sealer. The second use is to put the sealant in a container and pump it out of the tank through a hose and spray it onto the asphalt from the tip of the nozzle. This spray application is done twice for two strong and even coats. Using a tank, a stirrer is sometimes used to mix the sand with the sealant.

2. Find out if the asphalt sealer has repaired the crack.

Only hairline cracks can be filled with asphalt sealing. You can fill larger cracks with crack filler. Cracks should be cut and trimmed, then replaced and rolled with new asphalt. Do not let your compaction company apply sealant to new asphalt that is less than ninety days old. The new asphalt takes time to harden before the sealant is applied.