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How We Got The Holy Bible?

Saturday , 10, October 2020 Comments Off on How We Got The Holy Bible?

Have you ever stopped to think about what the Bible really is? To be certain, it's the word of God.  But over that.  This is background, poetry, proverbs, parables, allegories, biographies, letters, diaries, prophetic and apocalyptic literature. You can get more information about the classic biblical timeline chart via online sources.

But more.  Genesis 1: 1 all the way through the final verse of Revelation there's a strategy where human beings can take God's salvation and the promise of eternal life with Jesus Christ.  This plan is similar to a red cable that stretches all of the ways throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament.  But it had been.  The Bible is God's love letter to humanity.

The Bible is the most beautiful book in the world since it's actually the Word of God.  If I could have just one book, it could be the Bible. Over the centuries several critics have attempted to ruin the Bible and their importance to people.  But, together with the security of God has withstood the attack of the infidels and remains a best seller on the planet.

How Many Pages Are There in the Bible? - Word Counter Blog

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The Bible was written by two distinct authors inspired by God.  These writers lived over a period of over 1500 decades, in thirteen distinct states and three continents (Asia, Europe, and Africa).  The first text has been written in three distinct languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  And the writer is known as God for many different tasks: physicians, farmers, fishermen, kings, tax collectors, shepherds, and tent manufacturers.

Though the Bible was really written by so many individuals, over a lengthy time period, in 3 languages and about three continents, doesn't contain even 1 contradiction evident.  On the other hand, historical accuracy has been confirmed again and again from the archaeological findings.