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Introduction To 3D Visualization Software

Tuesday , 1, December 2020 Comments Off on Introduction To 3D Visualization Software

3D visualization provides a complete understanding of the product through interactions. This technology now solves all problems and limitations. Customers can see in real-time while the website owner receives customer behaviour analysis. No third party plugins are required to activate this service either. To know more about 3d visualization visit

Are you ready to use 3D visualization and configuration technologies for higher conversion rates such as Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo and others? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote!

This high-end brand wants to offer customers a compelling customer experience that helps bag lovers together to create items to suit their unique lifestyle. To achieve this goal, Lolo Chateney worked with Hapticmedia and started a 3D pocket configurator with 3D visualization.

With this powerful tool, bag lovers can start their digital shopping journey by choosing the size and style they prefer, then focusing on colours, fabrics, and decorative elements. Whenever there is a change, the price is adjusted so that consumers can see how each choice affects the overall offering and can make an informed decision.

During this process, users with 3D technology can also interact with items, view products at a 360 ° angle, rotate, zoom in, zoom out, and analyze every detail. As soon as it's all over and the customer is satisfied, he can order and pay in just a few clicks.