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Kick Your Soda Pop Addictions With the Help of a Seltzer Maker

Monday , 2, May 2022 Comments Off on Kick Your Soda Pop Addictions With the Help of a Seltzer Maker

Seltzer has the bubbles and flavors that people love about soda but has absolutely none of the added sugar or artificial junk. Seltzer is basically just carbonated water and natural fruit flavor. Home seltzer makers enable you and your family to create seltzer in whatever flavor you love right in your kitchen.

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Seltzer is Easy & Fun To Make!

The Soda Stream Soda Maker Kit is one of the best appliances you can own if you are trying to get yourself and your family off of drinking soda. It's as easy as adding water and whatever flavors you like into this machine. Personally, my favorite seltzer flavor to make is lemon & lime. You can get your kids interested in making their own beverages too! Let them be the chefs and they may never ask you for another soda again.

seltzer maker makes it easy to satisfy your cravings for sodas. Just add some tap water and your favorite flavors into the machine and it can make you that bubbly beverage that you were craving. It tastes great and has none of the added sugar or sweetener. You can lose weight and become a healthier person by switching to seltzer water!!

Did You Know That Diet Soda May Be Worse For You Than its Sugary Counterpart?

This is mainly because diet sodas have artificial sweeteners in them such as aspartame. You may be more familiar with this sweetener by the popular brand names such as NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful.

Aspartame has been linked to serious health problems like brain tumors and brain cancer. Even though most regular sodas don't use artificial sweeteners opting instead for regular sugar these are in no way healthy either.

Drinking the high amount of sugar found in regular soda can lead to health problems of its own such as obesity and diabetes.

Sodas that are high in caffeine and sugar are not healthy for anyone to drink especially children. The caffeine in soda can actually dehydrate you and the more caffeine you drink the more addicted to it your body will become.