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Know The Signs And Stop Gum Disease In Vaughan

Wednesday , 8, July 2020 Comments Off on Know The Signs And Stop Gum Disease In Vaughan

When the warning signs of periodontal disease are not heeded, the disease can progress to the advanced stage where it causes infections and damages deep inside the gums down to the jaw bone.

The signs of gum disease should never be ignored, especially once they start causing pain and swelling in the gums. To know about gum disease treatment in Vaughan visit

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A regular visit to your Houston dentist or periodontist will keep tabs on your gums and their general health, but it's important to keep up with home oral hygiene and watch for signs of gum disease yourself.

Knowing the Signs of Advanced Periodontal Disease

There are quite a few symptoms of gum disease, but each patient may vary in the ones they experience. Some may never experience any symptoms before the disease gets really bad.


The most common symptom, and often overlooked, is swelling of the gums. It's often overlooked because most people may not notice a change in their gums' appearance.

But probing with the tongue and visually examining your gums regularly can provide clues when they start puffing.


When gums get tender or sore to the touch, that's a clear sign that something is incorrect under the surface. This often comes from openings of bacteria and pus pushing on the soft tissue of the gums.


This can be a very noticeable symptom of gum disease. Some may not notice a slight change in the color of the gums, such as a milky pink or brighter red, but gums that have a purple appearance are definitely in need of attention.