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Plastic Pallets Versus Timber Pallets: Which Are Best

Thursday , 10, December 2020 Comments Off on Plastic Pallets Versus Timber Pallets: Which Are Best

Pallets are used to help move goods around the country. They do this by creating a solid foundation on which items can be placed and secured to protect themselves from damage.

They also provide a solid base for stacking and moving goods by forklift. You can also get the best economical wooden & plastic pallets Sydney-wide.

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Traditionally, pallets were made of wood, but in recent years, as plastic has grown, they have been made from this material. But the big question is which one should you choose?

Should you use traditional wood or new plastic for your pallets and boxes?

Advantages Of Wooden Pallets

1) Price: Wooden pallets that are made from common and easily accessible wood can be made for a very low price, which means that they are cheaper to buy than plastic, which requires a more complex production process.

2) Easier to Find: If you want to have your own pallets, wooden pallets are very easy to get from most retailers or hardware stores. Plastic pallets are much more specialized and not easy to buy.

Advantages Of Plastic Pallets

1) Lifespan: Plastic can have a much longer lifespan than wood, so it can be a much better investment in the long run. They don't require the same amount of repair or replacement.

2) Storage: Compared to wood, plastic is easier to handle and store. Besides, it is not affected by water damage.

3) Environmental concerns: While plastic sounds less environmentally friendly than wood, plastic pallets shouldn't be replaced as often as wooden boxes.


The best type of pallet or crate for you will likely depend on your situation. If you are a small business that deals with limited items, wooden pallets may be less expensive because you can easily perform repairs and replacements yourself.

For larger companies, the durability and ease-of-use of plastic pallets may make more sense if you have a lot of stuff to move. You can also find pallet rental companies (also known as pallet aggregators) so you don't have to worry about buying and maintaining your own fleet of pallets.