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Radiation Protection Of Staff And The Public In Nuclear Medicine

Tuesday , 16, March 2021 Comments Off on Radiation Protection Of Staff And The Public In Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine includes handling radioactive substances that can cause external and internal exposure to personnel. 

The level of exposure depends on the radionuclide, its action, and the kind of work in the department in which the person works. You can also get the best radiation protection in nuclear medicine via

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Radiation protection in nuclear medicine is concerned with controlling the normal and potential exposures of workers in all situations that include the use of unsealed radiation sources.

Important principles

The principle of protecting workers from ionizing radiation in all fields of medicine aims to prevent deterministic effects and minimize the risk of stochastic (cancer) effects. 

These principles include the use of dose limits for workers and the general public and the ALARA principle ("As Low As Reasonably Feasible") for keeping doses below the dosage limit.

Control of workplace exposure in nuclear medicine is utilized through a number of steps, such as facility design, the designation of workplaces in controlled areas, individual monitoring schemes, area monitoring, environmental pollution monitoring, use of personal protective equipment, and protective instruments. 

These principles apply to all situations where an unsealed source of radiation is used. Public access to certain areas of hospitals and nuclear medicine departments is restricted and limited. 

Therefore, radiation protection is used effectively by protecting radiation sources, properly designing facilities, restricting access, and following safe employee work practices.