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Staying in Balance With Your Tires

Tuesday , 11, January 2022 Comments Off on Staying in Balance With Your Tires

It is true that maintaining the balance of our tires is important to extend the tread life of your tires and to keep your car or truck in good condition. You can browse this link to visit the nearest shop for affordable tire balancing service.

To understand the importance of balancing tires properly on a regular basis, you need to understand the forces acting that can cause problems when your tires are not balanced properly. 

If you buy new tires from a reputable tire dealer, chances are they will be balanced when you fit them to your rims. This should not be considered an option, it is absolutely necessary. And even though tires (and rims) are made to strict standards, there are still minor imperfections that can result in a slight difference in weight, a difference in weight that can cause unwanted vibration.

Keep in mind that in a car traveling at 60 mph, the tires make about four revolutions per second, and each of those revolutions creates a vibration. It can produce over 14,000 RPM in one hour. 

Once you start the calculations and consider how many hours you drive per week, you can quickly see how much the constant vibration problem can multiply. Your car or truck has been exposed to many road hazards, such as potholes, gravel, spikes and other unpleasant debris.

It is also important to understand that the amount of weight that can cause an imbalance can be very small. Tire balancers, available at most tire dealers, are designed to detect and correct vibrations caused by as little as one ounce.