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The Different Types of Business Insurance In Ontario

Monday , 1, November 2021 Comments Off on The Different Types of Business Insurance In Ontario

There are many types of business insurance in Ontario. Because of this diversity, the available options are sometimes confusing. For a new company without staff or an existing company with a team of employees, it is therefore important to decide which level of insurance you should take and which is recommended.

Here is a list of types of corporate insurance in Ontario that you can consider:

Business Travel Insurance – Some employees travel a lot around the world. Coverage for delays, loss of life and injury; Equipment and money recommended.

Loyalty guarantee – If you are concerned about a dishonest employee, loyalty insurance covers loss of money or stock.

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Key Man Insurance – Some companies will not function properly without certain people. It is not uncommon for directors and officers to be insured against loss of income due to death.

Home insurance – As with home insurance, your place of business must be insured for a full replacement.

Content Coverage – If your company owns several types of stock, consider insuring your business content.

Plant and Equipment – Like content insurance, you can ensure your machinery or equipment.

Transit Insurance – This is popular insurance for shipping goods with a high net worth. Swiss Post always asks for the value of the shipped item. Protection for goods in transit works the same way.

Technical insurance – Technical insurance covers electrical or mechanical damage.

Business interruption insurance – Loss of income and expenses is possible.