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The First Place to Look for Talent

Thursday , 3, March 2022 Comments Off on The First Place to Look for Talent

Every company is susceptible to pitfalls in the case of turnover. What would you think if I said the possibility of a method to recover some of the investment made in former employees? Although I'm sure that each one of us will be able to recall the former employees who we are glad to have parted from, it might not be that simple to recall the good employees who left us.

Even the most successful of businesses may lose some good employees. 

Here are the key elements to establishing an alumni program for your business:

1. Develop an effective talent management strategy: To keep an edge in the market, HR should become a more active, reactive, compliance-focused department. A "real" HR group will be able to play a significant role in training, leadership development as well as team-building, and improving culture. To learn about early career talent strategy for employees, you can search online.

2. Get the most value from exit Interviews: Exit interviews are conducted without significance and are little beyond a mere formality that needs to end by closing the file. If HR is seeking information, they are usually trying to limit any future risk.

3. Convert HR files that are closed to an Active Database: As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a resume, as well as a personal profile and contact details, should be recorded in the alumni database, which is updated and searchable for certain variables. 

The main point is that when you establish your brand with the correct image and proper culture, employees will be proud of being associated with your business regardless of their period of employment and also after they leave the organization.