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Things You Should Look In Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer In Port Douglas

Saturday , 25, April 2020 Comments Off on Things You Should Look In Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer In Port Douglas

Most times looking for a wedding videographer is left until the very end and at the time a cousin, friend or uncle might just visit the nearest and cheapest videographer and hire him. This is why in 99% of cases the video is terrible, so terrible that even you will not want to watch them.

If you want to relive your wedding in vivid detail decades from today it is worth spending on a wedding videographer who knows what he is doing. Below are a few important things you should look at before choosing marriage videography in Port Douglas.


Wedding videographer styles 

Videographer shooting style should match what you imagine your wedding video will be. Generally, there are two main styles that are cinematic and documentary. Many times documentary is simply just the videographer recording without really thinking much about who they record, who they should emphasize and with no style in mind.

Cinematic videographers are often more artistic. However, many times the cinematic wedding video is under an hour-long because it has shot the most attractive and stylish moments with some good music. While no one style is right or wrong, it really all depends on what you want. Often you can settle for a mix of the cinematic and documentary style of videography. This means that the video is long enough so that you can see all the people you love but also contain the best part of your wedding.

Check their samples

It goes without saying that you should know about the quality of your wedding videographer you hire. Be sure to look at some wedding videos they have made for others. Watch a few minutes of each video samples to get a sense of style of the videographer.

Reflect the theme and style of the wedding

The video needs to be in sync with the feel and style of the wedding. Many videographers just press the 'record' and forget everything else. While many people can record video and capture expert-level images only a few can really select the right clips and then adjust them so that you get a feel for the theme and style of the wedding. It also requires a professional to insert the appropriate music to match the overall theme of the video.