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Visa Tips for Tourist of Australia

Monday , 27, April 2020 Comments Off on Visa Tips for Tourist of Australia

Entry requirements

First, We need a visa to go to Australia. There are two types of electronic visitor visa that is available for those people who intend to travel the Australia – Visitor Visa and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

E-Visitor Visa does not require application fees or service charges and it can be obtained directly from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. ETA can be applied through a travel agency or airline, and requires a service fee of a 20 to 30 dollars. If you want to know more about the eta visa for Australia then you can browse the web.

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Australia required passport validity, but those travelers who plan an onward journey to other countries in the region must check the passport validity policies of those countries.

Safety and Security Tips

Crime- A crime against foreign tourists are not unheard of in Australia. Travelers should take safety measures appropriate to ensure a peaceful stay in the region. Always keep your valuable possessions and important travel documents such as passports. Opt for a hotel room that includes secure because it allows you to store your valuables safely.

Safety- Coast beaches in Australia are popular as a place for the visitor.  Holidaymakers are advised to follow basic safety precautions when pamper themselves. Always swim between the red and yellow flags. This flag indicates the stretch supervised by a lifeguard.