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What Are The Important Parts Of A Crane Truck?

Wednesday , 10, June 2020 Comments Off on What Are The Important Parts Of A Crane Truck?

For ordinary people, a crane truck with a crane equipment installed on a mobile platform. The crane is hydraulically driven to raise and lower heavy objects. You can get the manitowoc crawler cranes and Manitowoc cranes in Queensland from TRT.

Working with tow trucks requires trained and qualified operators who understand the safety procedures needed to prevent major accidents and prevent serious injuries.

Because the crane itself is very unique, here are the main parts and descriptions of the crane parts of the tow truck:


Boom cranes are the easiest to recognize the functions and the most important parts of cranes. This is a crane arm that lifts and / or lowers heavy material. As such, it can work in three different ways, which determine boom crane specific features for each type of operation.

Rotex equipment

The gears are located under the cab or cabin crane and allow the cab to rotate the boom with a hydraulic motor.

Cabin driver

The driver's cabin is located at the top of the deck just above the Rotex wheel box so the cab can spin. The driver's seat, electrical equipment and crane control panel are located in the cabin.

Removable counterweight

The removable counterweight is located at the back of the crane and prevents the crane from imbalance during the lifting process.


The boom provides the stability and balance needed to operate the crane and provides balance so that the crane does not flip over.