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What To Consider For Cavern Diving?

Monday , 5, October 2020 Comments Off on What To Consider For Cavern Diving?

The most important factor of cavern diving equipment is that it is firmly strapped down. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Lose equipment or flapping fin straps are a serious risk to cave divers as they can cause entanglement. You can also look at this website to hire a certified cave diver to get the best diving experience.

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The most crucial piece of cave diving equipment is a diver’s reel. This line is unwound as the diver explores the cave network. A diver’s reel literally acts as a lifeline as it’s how you will find your way back to the surface safely.

There are four main types of caves that you can dive in:

Sea Caves: these caves are created naturally by waves and aren’t usually very deep or long. They are most commonly found in coastal regions and are a great place to begin your cave diving adventures.

Coral Caves: these caves are carpeted in large formations of colorful coral. Diving in coral caves you will find many coral reefs growing together to form closed off caves. Coral caves are often shaped like tunnels and are home to an abundance of wildlife.

Lava Tubes: formed by volcanic activity, lava tubes are formed when a volcano erupts and hits the sea. As soon as the lava hits the ocean, the surface starts to cool and harden, while inside the lava is still moving, creating a tube.

Solution Caves: these caves are formed over hundreds of years. Very slowly, water containing carbonic acid seeps through the limestone and dissolves the rock at the lower level, this is what creates the cave structure.