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Why You Should Test Your Cow For Pregnancy?

Monday , 11, May 2020 Comments Off on Why You Should Test Your Cow For Pregnancy?

Increased productivity is something every farmer misses. There are so many factors that can determine how productive herds are and every farmer needs to be aware of each factor and how to make improvements for better heat production in cows

In addition, to ensure that your cows are well-fed, you have to control their reproduction. A pregnancy test cows are among the things you should consider doing for your cattle. Here are some reasons why a test may help for your herd.

Accurate heat detection: One of the reasons behind the low conception rate in the herd is not accurate heat detection or inefficient heat detection. A pregnancy test can help managers herd and even veterinarians deal with poor reproductive performance. This helps in increasing the profitability and reproduction management for a better and healthier herd.

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Early detection of pregnancy: Cow pregnancy test enables dairy farmers and managers to detect pregnancy early enough for appropriate measures to be out of place to pregnant cows. It is actually very helpful to test cattle after the end of the breeding season or after insemination so that you can decide when to return to the same in terms of conception that has not occurred at the first trial.

Estimated date of calving: A pregnancy test can in some cases tell the age of the calf making it possible to estimate the calving date as possible. In this way, the farmer is able to separate calving cows with the possibility of earlier than expected calve later. The calving spread reduction was made manageable for farmers if necessary.